© Carol Wien, photographer, Ranch windmill and water storage tank photographed against an Arizona Sunset.

© Carol Wien, photographer. A male Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis. This beautiful red bird is a resident of southeastern Arizona.

© Carol Wien, photographer. A prehistoric Indian basin-type metaté and mono. used for grinding wild plant food such as corn and mesquite beans, etc.. The early Spanish called these food grinders "metaté's" a corruption of the Aztec name "matlatl".

Ornamental corn (a.k.a. Indian corn) has been placed on the metaté by photographer, Carol Wien.

© Carol Wien, photographer. Night Blooming Cereus Cereus greggii (a.k.a. Reina de la Noche - Queen of the Night). This bloom of the rare Night Blooming Cereus is a treat to behold. A nocturnal bloomer the flower opens only once. Flowers appear in late May and early June, opening late at night, and closing at daylight. Photographed in southeast Arizona.

© Carol Wien, photographer. A replica of an Indian teepee photographed against an Arizona sunset. A camping site for Vision Quest.

© Carol Wien, photographer. Ranch horses wearing western saddles and gear rest during round-up. Dos Cabezas Peaks and mountain range in background. Southeastern Arizona.

© Carol Wien, photographer. Black-tailed rattlesnake Crotalus molossus. Photographed here in a "striking pose". A beautiful creature to see and respect. Considered an unaggressive rattlesnake. A member of the Pit Viper Family. All rattlesnakes are poisonous.

© Carol Wien, photographer. Kelldeer Charadrius vociferus. A beautiful bird to watch. Main diet consists of insects, worms, grubs. Skilled actor will feign a broken leg or wing to lead danger away from the nest.

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